Branding, Marketing and Development

Biolase is a medical device company that develops, manufactures, markets and sells high-end dental and medical devices, focusing on laser systems in dentistry and medicine, and also dental imaging equipment.

I reported to a creative director, creating end-to-end marketing solutions, from building websites to email, video and print.

My role in this project

Art direction, web graphic design, motion graphics (video), GUI design, typography and layout, photography, front-end web development, email development, print design

Biolase Epic GUI

Marketing Strategy

Cohesion of branding is very important to a company. No matter what platform my design was applied, I made sure it remained consistent. An example below of a marketing package would require designs to be flexible and applicable on a web page banner, landing page, email and print flyer.

The typical "customer journey flow" of a marketing package would typically be: first, flyers would be handed out on events by sales and business people. Second, customer who received the flyer either searches the company website for more information or goes to the landing page directly for either more information or fill out an online form. Finally, after all client information is processed, they will be included in our mailing list, with their discretion, for future posibilities of upcoming events, sales and promotions, or upsell opportunities. This completes the marketing cycle.

Campaign Landing Page

Campaign Landing Page

Email Campaign

Email Campaign

Marketing Flyer

Marketing Flyer

Website Ad Banner

Website Ad Banner

WCLI Website UI Design

WCLI is the company's product education and events portal. They want the hompage to be more inviting, friendly and be able to highlight current events. The first redesign was still limited as to what it can present. The final redesign implemented a slider to accomodate more ads, a short information about the education and a friendly welcome message from the director.

View Live Site
Original Design

Original Design

1st Redesign

1st Redesign

Final and Current Design

Final and Current Design

Sample Content Page

Sample Content Page

Biolase Web and Landing Pages

I have redesigned various pages on the company website to better organize the flow of information. The main website was using the Sharepoint platform. We started with rough wireframing (sketches) of layouts, then we create high-fidelity mockups and then code the final design. I also created landing pages for marketing purposes. The company used the Hubspot marketing platform to gather client information through forms.

Biolase Redesign Mockup

We started a redesign of the hompage. Below are some near medium-fidelity mockups I created. The project direction shifted though, and priorities changed.

Product GUI Design

This project was very interesting for me. This was a unique device to design for. The compact products were used for small surgeries and pain therapy.

Biolase Epic V Home Screen (for animals)

Epic V Home Screen (for animals)

Biolase Epic V Unit

Epic V Unit

Biolase Epic S Home Screen

Epic S Home Screen

Biolase Epic S Unit

Epic S Unit


The company explores many avenues and channels for advertising our products, from social media, to print flyers or email. One of our biggest goals was to ramp up our presence in social media, as most clients like dentists or people looking for dentists are on social network as well. With my advertising experience and a combined effort with a social media content manager, I was able to help them reach 100k likes on facebook in just three months. People liked the witty advertising instead of just daily dental tips.

Some of these ads were translated to banners, flyers and posters used on industry events. The ads generated more attention than ads of just our products, which yielded more inquiries to our booth and helped us gather more potential clients. We also advertised on dental magazines and other industry-related websites.

Motion Graphics and Video

I shot and edited videos for our marketing campaigns, product tutorials and event promotions. I used Adobe After Effects to edit the video and added some text and vector animation.

Epic V 30 second ad

Epic V video training: Pain Therapy for Feline

Biolase Web Banners

Web banners are a great way to communicate multiple ads and events. The design and message is in conjunction with other marketing materials.

Event Photography

I took photos of our events, which we we use for all our marketing channels and websites. Using actual photos of our clients, with their discretion, is much more personal than using stock photography.

photo 1
photo 2
photo 3
photo 4

Email Design and Development

I designed and coded the emails, and used the Hubspot Marketing platform to deploy them to our customers.

Event Logos

These are some logos I designed for our company events. The first logo is about a company-sponsored marathon. The second logo is about an annual meeting for the sales team.

logo 1
logo 2

Print Design

These marketing materials are designed to promote our products, events, seminar or advertising. Click the images to see the high-resolution pdf and other pages within the pdf.

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