Revolve Clothing

eCommerce Marketing

Revolve Clothing is an e-commerce shopping website selling high-end brand clothes for men and women.

I was a web graphic designer during my time with Revolve Clothing (and also its sister company, Forward) creating web marketing solutions.

My role in this project

Art direction, web graphic design, motion graphics, email develpment, photo editing

Revolve Clothing eCommerce Website

Website UI Design and Development

One of the company's major goals was to improve the UI presentation and function of the site. The objective was to integrate features related with social media, newsletter sign up and unsubscribe, easier checkout process and more.

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Email Marketing

We used a template for design consistency, and I designed the graphic that goes in the email. We used the Exact Target platform to deploy our emails to our clients.

Marketing Banners

The company wanted to expand its advertising to as much channels as possible. For every marketing campaign, I would create different-sized banners that will blend with other fashion website's design and layout.

Revolve Web Banners

In conjunction with emails, I designed the web banners on the homepage of the site.

Blog Posting Samples

Revolve is very active in their social media marketing. They would post on blogs about their products with a matching theme based on popularity. For example, the first image displays what could be a "CSI" show attire. The second example displays a popular blogger's summer picks.

Blog Post 1
Blog Post 2

Motion Graphic Ads

I worked on a marketing project called "Revolve TV". It is about fashion trends and advices from our internal team. These were some experimental intros for those marketing videos.

RevolveTV Logo Concept

RevolveTV Title Sequence

RevolveTV Printed Denim

Forward Web Banners

Forward is Revolve's sister company, selling higher end products with higher price points. In conjunction with emails, I designed the web banners on the homepage of the site.

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